Through the eyes of Faith : Writing my story in the United States (English Edition)

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True Faith only exists if it is accompanied by action.

∙ How far can your Faith take you?
∙ Have you ever imagined arriving in the United States of America with just a bag and an unshakable Faith in God's plans for building your legacy?

Through the eyes of Faith is the debut book by author Karla Lasmar Araújo. In this biography focused on spiritual development, she narrates her journey from life in Brazil, accompanied by her family as a girl and young woman, to building a successful journey in the United States.

The work begins with the story of the author's ancestry - the love that made the parents share life and build a family on the foundations of affection and hard work. The story of Dona Marta and Mr. Washington proves the importance of Faith in God in creating the character and strength of the offspring of a family lineage.

“I know tomorrow, which you do not see” is the quote that governs the entire story.

Nations will read this book and be impacted to change their lives.
The fruits will be impossible to count.